Tuesday, November 6, 2007

dennis kucinich: the GUTS to IMPEACH cheney

06 NOV 07 DICK CHENEY IMPEACHMENT HRes 333 by Dennis Kucinich.

gravel kucinich paul nader [conyers?]

Tell your lawmaker how you feel: 800-862-5530, 800-828-0498, 800-833-6354, 800-614-2803, 866-338-1015, 877-851-6437.

DENNIS KUCINICH, Strength through Peace.



Lady Broadoak said...

You heard the latest Alex Jones/Steve Quayle radio discussions? WATCH out for Hillary .. that is a given. Is it Evan Bayh OR Wesley Clark to be the running mate? Both are laden with problems for people .. one is ties to Big Pharma and militarization of the police . whereas option #2, is a closeted problem which can only lead to MORE foreign security problems as if Bill wasn't enough of a conflict of interest already.

Anonymous said...

Video gone! R