Saturday, October 27, 2007

msnbc to ask viewers on-air, re: debate

why not?
paul kucinich gravel, or paul gravel kucinich, or kucinich paul gravel, or kucinich gravel paul, or gravel paul kucinich, or gravel kucinich paul. me thinks nader, or ralph nader could fit in there somewhere too. no more onair or live polls. danger. no debate on network NBC. too many sheep. danger. keep em off the air. cable & sat only. limit & shut down debates. do anything to block mike gravel from debate(like nader). keep gravel out of hall(like nader). DNC(like nader). danger danger. no msm leaks. keep that $1,000,000.00 offer off the air. THANK you greg chase or gregory chase. no CNBC. no FOX CNN ABC CBS on & on. remove ron paul & dennis kucinich from any debates. danger. no leaks. no polls... help! paul kucinich, or paul gravel, or kucinich paul, or kucinich gravel, or gravel paul, or gravel kucinich. keep GE out of this. charlie foxtrot. fake debate like fake FEMA news. do something. danger

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